EPABX System is a multiple telephone system within an enterprise that switches the calls inside the local lines, with all the users to share a certain number of external phone lines. They are also known as intercom systems and are available with different features according to requirements.

Routing the incoming and outgoing external and internal calls in a systematic way in an organization is the main purpose of installing an EPABX System.



An EPABX System allows you to talk to a maximum of 10 people in a conference call using a single line.

These systems are very necessary and useful for business organizations. EPABX Systems make the managing of internal and external telephone calls within an office easy. The systems can enable the users to do multiple jobs like call switching, get important messages, manage a lot number of calls and monitor telephone usage all at the same time. They are usually charge based on features and are cost effective as providing external telephone lines to every employee can be avoided.
Improvement in technology has led to EPABX with many advanced features such as external call forwarding, direct inward dialing, extension wise usage limits, call pickup and call splitting.

The common types of EPABX Systems include Mobile Systems, Hosted Systems, IP Systems and Wireless EPABX Systems.
Features of EPABX Systems:

Some of the features of an advanced EPABX System include:

  • Internal office communication is made easy with EPABX Systems. All you need to do is dial the extension number which is not more than four digits making it easy to remember.


  • EPABX Systems allow an organization to make large number of calls simultaneously with a single system without any server breakdowns which helps in multi taking in departments.
  • Automatic call diversions – Outside calls or inside calls for different departments will be directed to concerned department by the Intercom System. This is made possible by setting the programming accordingly. This saves time and energy.
  • No call is left unanswered with the EPABX System. The calls are forwarded to another alternate extension if it is unanswered in the original extension.
  • Another feature is the welcome message which provides a professional image to the company.
  • Another important feature is the call blocking which allows restricting STD/ISD calling only to certain extensions preventing high call rates.
  • Speed Dialing Systems – A special setting for speed dial numbers is available for departments which have to make calls to certain customers and heads regularly. This results in saving a lot of time and energy.
  • It is not necessary to pick up the receiver to attend a call. A headset satisfies the requirement.
  • Call Accounting – It helps keep track of all the incoming and outgoing calls made by the employees.

Several added features such as alarms and remainders make it convenient to attend meetings and make the system more efficient.

Communication is a very important factor in organizations and EPABX is the best telecommunications medium introduced in the market to satisfy it efficiently.

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