Video Door Phones are intercom systems that are used to make calls from the entrance of a building so as to communicate with visitors without any physical interaction and engage with them only if you wish to. Video Door Phones not only increase home security, when integrated with the home automation system but also are of great convenience. If the Video Door Phones have a remote control it makes moving around convenient.

11_Video Door Phones



  • Video Door Phones help in interacting with your customers without necessarily opening the door. You can know their purpose of visit without them entering the house and avoid having a face to face communication.


  • Having video door phones in your home increases security. Being selective of your customers and choosing to interact with your visitors leads to increase in security.


  • With a video doorbell, you can answer your front door even when you’re not home. When someone rings the doorbell, it activates a camera connected to an app on your smart phone or tablet, and you can both see who rang your doorbell and remotely “answer” and speak to the visitor.


  • The user can also record videos to know who visited when they were not at home by reviewing them.

11_Video Door Phone

  • According to the system you choose video door phones have superior HD video quality where the visitors can communicate without any disturbances.


  • Video Door Phones are easy to install. Especially wireless video door phones which are easy to use and install.


  • Video door entry systems are commonly found integrated with different access control systems which makes it user friendly.


  • Camera quality is also of superior quality according to the system the customer chooses. The more the cameras width of surveillance, more the area covered.


  • Video Door Phones have different features like touch screen operations, adjustable brightness, contrast and volume, low power consumption, superior video quality, infra red capabilities, microphones etc


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